Here's my "Little Buddy". Colt McCoy Shields is a 5 yr old Cockapoo. This picture was taken after my wife and daughter dropped me off at Atlanta airport for a 3 week trip to Oklahoma. My daughter said he just sat there looking out the window for "several" minutes. Almost like he was expecting me to walk up to the… » 8/27/14 11:24am Today 11:24am

Funny he should say that. I had a loaded T&C last fall for a week. What a piece of shit! It definetly didn't have the interior of a top level vehicle. The ride was shit! The seats were equal to that of a VW bug, and I don't mean the new gen. There was so much feedback in the steering wheel that it vibrated my hands… » 8/25/14 11:43am Monday 11:43am